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Quick hit: Sex strike as a political weapon

Tweet The women of Togo have been called to withhold a sex from their husbands and partners for one week in protest to the power and policy of the current regime: “We have many means to oblige men to understand what women want in Togo,” Ms. [Isabelle] Ameganvi, leader of the women’s wing of the [...]
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What We Missed

Tweet We love you, Raging Grannies. The Federal Aviation Administration has removed a policy that required transgender pilots to undergo costly and pointless psychological tests before receiving their license. A history of men redefining rape. On that, what I imagine to be, incredibly awkward moment you are a lady at the RNC.    Tweet
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Offline and Unfiltered: Bring Feministing to your campus!

Tweet Love our content online, but find yourself wanting more? Got questions for your favorite feminist writers, but want to ask in person? Want to know how we do what we do here at Feministing? Or tell us about activism on your campus and how we can help? Well, all of that is possible with [...]
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Hook-up culture: Many young women prefer it and that’s not a bad thing

Tweet Pic via Sociological Images. Hanna Rosin has an essay in The Atlantic this month about hook-up culture in anticipation of her book, The End of Men: And the Rise of Women.  I have been curious to see what direction Rosin’s book would go, since I have always been a fan of her well-researched and logical [...]
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Pic of the Day: Giant uterus heads for GOP convention

TweetPayback is a bitch. Via.   P.S. Seriously though, we sincerely hope all affected by the hurricane will be okay, including asshole Republicans. Tweet
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