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Happy Birthday Vanessa!

TweetToday is Vanessa’s birthday, which means it’s our excuse to talk about how great she is. Yay! I’ll be honest: Before I actually starting writing for Feministing, I didn’t fully appreciate just how valuable Vanessa is to making the site the wonderful blog–and community–it’s been since she and Jessica started it more than eight years [...]
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What we missed

TweetThis cover is superbly infuriating, derivative and racist. Isaac has widened by 400 feetmiles wide and expects to make landfall along the Gulf Coast later tonight. Today is the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and Syreeta is haunted by poems from Patricia Smith’s collection, Blood Dazzler. Tropical Storm or Category 1 hurricane, our thoughts are [...]
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Rape is not sex

TweetRape is not sex. It’s such a simple statement and yet it’s a concept that appears to be eluding conservatives of late. Sex requires consent. Said another way, consent is necessary for sex to not be rape. The way we talk about rape is important and we must always make sure to not conflate rape [...]
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The Crisis Project: birth control kills the baby?

TweetThe Crisis Project is a new movement started by young people to investigate the fraud behind Crisis Pregnancy Centers, or as I like to call them Crisis Propaganda Centers.  We’ve written a lot about CPCs on this site, so most of you already know that they are in some cases tax payer funded right wing [...]
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Chris Matthews goes HAM on Preibus. Heads explode.

TweetIf you haven’t seen Chris Matthews go, (what I and others affectionately like to refer to as) H.A.M. (Hard as a Mutha@&$) on GOP Chairman Reince Preibus yesterday on Morning Joe, this is for you: Shorter Chris Matthews: We see you. This is as good as Soledad’s recent smackdowns, yo. Matthews stumbles a bit, but [...]
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