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Thank You Thursdays: Every single SYTYCB contestant

TweetHoly shit, you guys are amazing. Next week, we’re going to announce which of the more than hundred and fifty contestants made it to the next round of So You Think You Can Blog. Right now, we’re still sorting through the more than three hundred blog posts that you submitted, and we’re taking our time [...]
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What We Missed

Tweet More on the gender breakdown of election coverage from the 4th Estate. Here’s a pretty adorable video about kids unlearning stereotypes and learning they can be anything they want. Mitt Romney’s sister, Jane, assures us her brother’s “not going to be touching abortion.” Too bad she’s not the Republican nominee. An Israeli religious women’s [...]
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Notes from a bitch…what Todd Akin believes…

TweetOn Tuesday another Todd Akin story began working through the Twitterverse.  As a Missourian, I felt compelled to investigate the report claiming Todd Akin said he believed breast milk “cures” homosexuality. Yeah, yeah…I know that sounds too bizarre for folk to think it is true, but we’re talking about Todd Akin here! The GOP candidate [...]
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RNC attendees throw nuts at an African American camera woman

Tweet Because disenfranchising black voters isn’t sufficiently racist, two Republican National Convention attendees decided to make their party’s racism more explicit by throwing nuts at an African American CNN camera woman and saying, “This is how we feed animals.” The incident was first reported via twitter by David Shuster and has been confirmed by Talking Points Memo. [...]
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The Wednesday Weigh-In: Trigger Warning Edition

TweetEveryone go read Roxane Gay’s piece about trigger warnings and the illusion of safety: There are things that rip my skin open and reveal what lies beneath but I don’t believe in trigger warnings. I don’t believe people can be protected from their histories. I don’t believe it is at all possible to anticipate the [...]
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