Notes from a bitch…what Todd Akin believes…

On Tuesday another Todd Akin story began working through the Twitterverse.  As a Missourian, I felt compelled to investigate the report claiming Todd Akin said he believed breast milk “cures” homosexuality.

Yeah, yeah…I know that sounds too bizarre for folk to think it is true, but we’re talking about Todd Akin here!

The GOP candidate for Senate from Missouri who, up until a couple of weeks ago, legitimately thought that pregnancy could not result from “legitimate rape.”

The Akin breast milk story turned out to be news satire, but I understand why so many people gave it a retweet. Faux claims that Todd Akin thinks breast milk cures homosexuality are in line with Akin’s actual beliefs.

Akin thinks federal student loans are the equivalent of “stage III cancer.” I think his actual quote on this is even more twisted. When asked directly if he would support efforts to prevent a doubling in federal student loan rates, Akin said

America has got the equivalent of the Stage III cancer of socialism because the federal government is tampering in all kinds of stuff it has no business tampering in. So, first to answer your question precisely. What the democrats did to get rid of the private student loans and take it all over by the government was wrong. It was a lousy bill. That’s why I voted no. The government needs to get its nose out of the education business.

Okay, the man said “stage II cancer of socialism” while talking about federal student loans! Can you even imagine his response if someone actually did ask him for his thoughts on breast milk?

Akin also claims that the federal school lunch program needs to go because it doesn’t fall within the framework of the Constitution.

And let’s not forget that Todd Akin thinks the landmark 1965 Civil Rights Act should be overturned, because he thinks everything should be decided by the states. Akin was 18 years old when the Civil Rights Act passed and one would think he’d have noticed all the people of color having their Constitutional rights violated by states which resulted in the Act in the first place.  I suppose expecting that level of deep thinking out of Akin would be too much like right.

Anyhoo, I think Missourians should take note that of just how easy it was to believe Todd Akin would publicly state that breast milk “cures” homosexuality.

The problem here isn’t that the Twitterverse is gullible.

Tis that Todd Akin has a track record of publicly displaying his allegiance to the fringe that makes just about any fantastical statement attributed to him believable.


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  • soukup

    You know, I love your blog for a lot of reasons. But your journalism style is not one of them. The GOP is ridiculous enough without added exaggeration, and your blog will get plenty of readers if you just tell the truth without repeating the gossip. (I know you’ve mentioned that the breast milk thing was not actually true, but if that’s so then I can’t help wondering how it’s “in line with Todd Akin’s actual beliefs” or in any way a reflection on him.) Akin’s enough of a jerkwad that the truth is plenty juicy on its own, and when you embellish and add in things that have nothing to do with him, it makes me afraid to trust the truth of the rest of the things you report.

    Also, I really wish you could report the news in a way that seemed a little less hysterical and typo-ridden. I understand your frustration with this subject and others, but you’re a highly visible feminist blog and you represent feminists in general, and when you post this way you make the rest of us look overemotional and high-strung. I know these stereotypes aren’t fair, but they unfortunately do exist, and it would be cool if we could not play directly into them.

    • Sharkfu

      My style is what it is, so we’re going to have to agree to disagree on that.

      Regarding the subject, I wrote about Todd Akin’s positions as have been reported and verified in the news. If you find them wild or outlandish, then you need to take issue with Congressman Akin.

      Finally, I take great exception to the notion that women can not express emotion, frustration, or anger without fear of perpetuating a stereotype. I’m here to fight the system, not appease it. I seek to dismantle oppression, not make it feel comfortable and then ask it nicely to let me have a seat at the table. If that, coupled with my style, doesn’t appeal to you then I certainly hope you’ll check out the eleven other writers who contribute to this fantabulous site.