We are Women

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Everywhere I turn I see Todd Akin this and Todd Akin that. Paul Ryan this and Paul Ryan that. And I’m so sick of it. I want Todd Akin and his insensitive and hurtful comments to disappear. I want to ignore it and lay in the sun instead. But ignoring him and it makes everything worse. If I close my eyes or if you turn a blind eye, if for a moment we stop caring, then in that moment people like Todd Akin and Paul Ryan win. And in that moment they could push through some piece of crap demeaning and dehumanizing legislation against women.

I guess I’m just really sick of women constantly being used as political fodder and us constantly having to fight and defend ourselves. We have to defend ourselves from men on the street and we have to defend ourselves from men on screen in our home. We have to defend ourselves from organizations like Susan G Komen going political and taking away from us, we have to fight for our birth control and our healthcare.  And we have to defend ourselves from bills and legislation designed to push us back into a time when we had nowhere to go or turn in our times of trouble.

And it is EXHAUSTING, people. It really is. It’s exhausting.

We aren’t just the sum of our parts and we are more than are legs, lips, breasts, and vaginas. We are more than the veils that cover some of our faces, we don’t secrete some strange unwanted sperm killing toxins, we aren’t just wombs or biology and we surely aren’t holy grounds to be fought upon.

We are people. We are employees and employers. We are CEO’s and business owners. We are students. We are unemployed. We are struggling. We are married mothers. We are single mothers. We are sisters, daughter’s, and wives. We are friends. We are loving and we feel. Oh yes, we feel and we hurt. We are not political grounds. We are women.

We are women.

We are women.

We are women.

We are people.

And we are human.

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