Amy Poehler: the best advice columnist a girl could ask for

Smart Girls at the Party, Amy Poehler’s super cool feminist webseries for girls, is back! The show now has a segment called Ask Amy, a video advice column in which Amy answers questions from girls who write in to her. They seem to be filmed wherever and whenever Poehler has time – on a hotel bed, on set with Paul Rudd, in the bathtub. The first time I saw the segment was when Amy was advising a girl who wants to wear makeup but whose parents don’t want her to wear it yet.

I absolutely adore the most recent episode, in which she tells a girl who had an embarrassing moment to laugh it off. She also reminds the girl – and I’m so glad she included this because it’s a less common but no less important piece of advice – to let the experience make her more compassionate. I wish I’d had this show when I was growing up.

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    I really like that she doesn’t try to say it’s no big deal, she takes the question seriously and gives a thoughtful good answer. I adore Amy Poehler.

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