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The caption to the picture above should read, ‘Hell Yeah’.

In the category of ‘Oh hell naw’ – Zoe Saldana as… Nina Simone? Really, Hollywood? *side-eyes & mad shade* It better be a mistake. Sources have yet to confirm if a proper unpacking of why that’s 50 shades of wrong to come later.

Ann totally speaks what we’re really thinking about Paul Ryan.

Uganda had their first pride parade (homosexuality is still illegal there) and this picture is everything.

What is holding abortion-rights activists back from stopping “fetal-pain” legislation?

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  • http://feministing.com/members/datcerealchick/ Chelsea Renee

    She looks nothing like her!
    This children I what can best be describe as “fuckery” or “colorism” either is correct. You can’t tell me there are NO dark skinned actress with the acting chops to take on that role.