Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell premieres August 9th on FX

Yes, that’s right–one of our own has made it to the airwaves–the brilliant W. Kamau Bell has his own TV show called Totally Biased. It’s produced by Chris Rock and is employing a list of writers that could easily change the game for comedy. It premieres tomorrow at 11pm on the FX network.

When was the last time you saw a funny TV show, with really smart writers that challenged normative assumptions about race, gender, class, religion, etc? Oh, wait, probably almost never. Who says you can’t make justice funny?

Don’t believe me? Check out the writers talking about some things they are already biased about.

We at Feministing have been long time fans of Bell’s (read his Feministing 5 from 2010) who rose in popularity because of his one hour special called, “How to End Racism in an Hour.” We also recently sat down with Hari Kondabolu and Janine Brito to talk about their humor, writing and about the show.

Also check out this awesome write-up in Rolling Stone about Bell and the show. 

Here are some snippets from “How to end Racism in an Hour.”

If you are in NY, you can go to one of the live tapings and if you are not in NY or in NY and can’t make it, you can always host your own viewing party.

I’ll be at the premiere party tomorrow and honestly, I CAN’T WAIT.


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