“Living Young,and Wild and Free……well if your a man!”

Going to College parties in the middle of the summer is just protocol for most teenage girls and boys my age. I can assure you no matter what country your from College parties all contain the same coinciding elements of free alcohol, Loud Music and dare I say it Horny teenagers! But it seems that as we teenagers all grow into young adults we show slight tendencies of immaturity not knowing when enough’s enough or when its time to put that can of beer down and think with your head.As younger girls we are taught and to a certain extent unintentionally forced by our parents and society to uphold this imaginary stereotypical generalization of all females being reserved and sophisticated, basically boring!

So when a female is seen outwardly going against this stereotype its viewed negatively by males. For example I attended a friends eighteenth birthday about two weeks ago and as I was walking past I overheard some boys call a bunch of girls  “slags” as I looked over to the girls (who I knew from secondary school and was certain they weren’t slags). They had obviously had too much to drink and were stumbling all over the place shouting and laughing at God knows what. It really struct me at that moment that these boys represent a vast majority of teenage boys who believe its acceptable to degrade females by referring to them using derogatory, colloquial terms without actually knowing of them or who they are. Although actions do speak louder than words I don’t think its fair that if girls don’t act “lady-like” or what is seen as “lady-like” in society they run the risk of being called “slags.”

I mean should my actions really define who I am as a young women? So they liked to drink and they had a good time what’s wrong with that? I mean if a guy gets drunk and gets a little crazy its accepted as the norm because he is a male and males are allowed to act like that right? But the minute a female steps outside this stereotypical generalized lady-like box she becomes a target for ridiculing and degrading.

Its not until I got home…….the next morning, that I realized how limited and unfair these female stereotypes are. “I’m a female so I guess I shouldn’t play drinking games or have fun?” What do guys expect us to do at parties sit in a corner in  and clean their vomit up after them! When I go to a party yes I might drink a bit, and I might make unnecessary noise but if  I am having fun that’s all that counts and I will leave the immature name-calling to the little boys who despite their masculine physical attributes still belong in a play-ground!

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