Give us your best #textsfromFlotus

Could this ever be as bad-ass as Texts from Hillary? I’m not sure but considering that Michelle is a bad-ass, it’s worth a try. Here are a few from the twitterverse.

I’ll start:

“Hey Barack, is this girl sitting next to me Jessica from True Blood?! #lafayetteforlife”

“Bey, I missed my work out this morning–Turbofire for lunch?”

“No, Barack, pizza does not grow in the garden. #chicagopeople”

“They see me flexing–they be hatin'”


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  • LMG

    These fake ‘texts’ were funny up until the last one. It made me take a second look and it was not a good one. I wonder why you decided to use that specific type of language: ‘They be hatin’. Do you really believe that Michelle Obama would speak or write that way? Is it because of her race that you decided to use those words? What your wrote is borderline stereotyping her language because of her race. If someone looked at me and started speaking with a Latino stereotypical accent including slang I would feel a bit essentialized because that does not represent me.

    This is yet another example of feministing making bad choices in their publications.

  • M

    “Babe, i luv this red head’s outfit- i’ll send u a pic”