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An International AIDS conference opened in Washington DC today. Sex workers, excluded from the conference in the U.S., protested their exclusion by organizing their own conference, the  Sex Worker Freedom Festival, in Kolkata, India.

As expected, Evangelical leaders ask themselves WWJD and decide it would be blame liberals and the media for the Aurora shootings and say that only Christians will get into heaven.

In light of revelations that Joe Paterno helped conceal the allegations of sexual abuse, Penn State’s new president had a 7-foot tall statue of the coach removed from outside the football stadium, calling the sculpture an ”obstacle to healing.” The Paterno family disagreed, stating that the removal “does not serve the victims.” That seems pretty presumptuous, especially given how serving the victims was clearly not a priority for the late Joe Paterno.

Meanwhile, Penn State is facing penalties from the NCAA including a $60 million fine.

One of the best responses to the Aurora shootings comes from… Jason George from Seinfeld” Alexander.

Sports are so gay: Grindr crashed in London following the arrival of athletes for the Olympics.

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  1. Posted July 23, 2012 at 7:52 pm | Permalink

    Based on my quick read of the NCAA decision, I think it’s a good ruling. I despise the way in which the unconditional support for the football program let people get away with such evil shit.

    That said, there are hundreds (thousands?) of people in central PA who are financially dependent on the existence of the football team. NCAA’s decision to limit the football program, rather than suspend it, means that the microeconomy will slowly shrink over time, but not simply vanish.

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