BREAKING: Health care law upheld!

The Supreme Court just delivered their decision on the American Care Act, and it’s mostly a huge win for supporters of the law. The individual mandate, requiring people to purchase health care, was upheld, but the mandate is a tax. Individuals could refuse to pay the tax and not comply, but the mandate falls under Congress’ power to impose taxes.

The Medicaid extension seems to be the most complicated part of the ruling. The majority also ruled that the extension is constitutional, but Congress cannot take away state’s Medicaid for refusing to participate in the new extensions.

One of the most exciting parts of this win is that Chief Justice Roberts was the swing vote. I don’t know exactly what that means for the future of this Court, but it gives me some hope.

There will be plenty more analysis on this decision all over the internets in the days ahead. In the mean time, check out SCOTUSblog’s live blog for much more immediate analysis.

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    Jos- For the record, I am totally celebrating the decision with you. However, I think that while Paul is wrong in saying that the ACA is unconstitutional, that does not mean that he is wrong in saying that being constitutional does not=being declared by the Supreme Court to be so. I blogged about that here. (

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