Notes from a bitch…pondering political expectations…

I want Missouri Governor Nixon to veto the new birth control refusal bill SB 749. Religious liberty is not threatened by the HHS rule on insurance coverage of birth control without co-pay, but the rights of Missouri workers sure as hell are under attack by this bill that would allow any employer to refuse coverage for birth control simply by claiming a moral objection.

Support for the veto of SB 749 among the masses is strong. Missourians are calling and writing the Governor daily asking him to dust off that pen and do the right thing.

Despite anti-choice theatre like the Fortnight for Freedom, this veto should be easy for Governor Nixon.  He is a Democrat who ran as pro-choice and vetoing an anti-birth control bill is far from controversial. Protests that the birth control rule threatens religious freedom haven’t gained traction on the ground and increasing access to birth control is extremely popular among the masses.

Oh, I’m used to Governor Nixon’s risk aversion…but when the risk is this low I find it freaky to see him pause.

Voter’s memories are short…but we shouldn’t forget that Nixon won his statewide election with a pro-choice label (yes…for real…it can and has been done!) and failure to act won’t erase that label during his re-election campaign.

Missourians, like residents in many states across the land, must avoid the dangers of low political expectations.

Given their addiction to outrageous and embarrassing legislative behavior on the people’s dime and wasting the people’s time, the Missouri Assembly could well benefit from an outbreak of veto-based corrections from the Governor.

More importantly, Missourians will benefit…because politics is local and residents suffer when state Assemblies indulge in legislative panders to powerful religious lobbies that become restrictions on access to essential health care.

I’m calling on Governor Nixon to veto the birth control refusal bill SB 749.

More importantly, I expect him to do it.

Our expectations are powerful…take the time to remind those elected to represent you.

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