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Happy Father’s Day. Here are some good reads.

Shonda Rhimes pointed out the lack of diversity on ABC’s new ballerina show, “Bunheads.”

Meet Susan Firouz, an Afghan rapper who lived in Iran as a refugee.

The “Dear White People” movie will probably be awesome. Help get it made!

“Things that he took away by force: blood from my lip, my love of vodka, my belief that sex is good, my first love relationship, any interest in LA.”

Professor Maria Cotera is working on putting together an online archive of Chicana feminist thought and action from 1960 to 1990.

Single women living alone in Iran used to be harshly stigmatized–but that’s slowly starting to change.

In an unexpected victory, Virginia will not actually risk losing most of its abortion clinics to a strict new TRAP law.

Greece has begun arresting sex workers, forcing them to undergo HIV tests, and posting the names and photographs of those who test HIV-positive online.

Are women better at writing about sex?

While Kansas slashes social services for children, the state’s anti-choices are planning a multi-million dollar “pro-life” memorial in Witchita.

Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency is making a video series about stereotypes in video games. Which is apparently enough to get a full-fledged online harassment campaign waged against you these days. More from Jay Smooth.

s.e. smith on surrogacy in India.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/learning this week?

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    I have up my first Everyday Yoga Call for Submissions, looking to get as many folks as possible submitting their versions of easy pose with whatever props or modifications they use to make it work for them.

    I also wrote an Open Letter to Bra Manufacturers, asking them to please learn the difference between a ribcage and a boob. With pictures and graphs!

    And I talked about Hating Gym: Volleyball Edition, how my ninth grade PE teacher worked so very hard to squarsh my love of physical activity.

    Finally, I am trying to give away one beginner-friendly yoga DVD. Today is the last day for the drawing!

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    Legislative elections took place in France, and 155 women have been elected députée on 577, against 103 during last legislature, that is 27% against 18,5% before. 107/273 Socialist deputies are women (39%), 26/191 Popular Movement deputies (14%), 9/16 Ecologist deputies (56%), and 13 for the combined other parties. Also, 50% of Francois Hollande’s cabinet is expected to be women.

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    Reading: A profile of Egyptian street artist Aya Tarek, she talks about making art in her social climate, & with harassment towards women in Egypt: http://www.asafeworldforwomen.org/womens-rights/wr-middle-east/wr-egypt/2665-aya-tarek.html#.T960bsigUY1.twitter

    Writing: Images from the Uncovered Artistry art show (they’re an organization helping survivors of rape/sexual assault and intimate partner violence, & thoughts on art as a social tool vs. “art for art’s sake” http://jennydevildoll.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/1426/

    Brief post about Word Up!, a community-oriented pop-up bookstore in Washington Heights now in it’s first year: http://jennydevildoll.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/word-up-pop-up-bookstore-1-year-anniversary/

    Art/photo essay regarding angrier female aspects in Greek mythology, and the patriarchal lens(then and now) with which they’re viewed: http://jennydevildoll.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/kindly-nemesister/

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