Confusing an anti-abortionist 101

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What I find so scary about this video is that it demonstrates how willfully ignorant the anti-abortion movement is. Not only do they not think about the consequences of what they are advocating against but when asked about it, none seem to have ever considered this.

These are, by their own admittance of sorts, deeply religious folks that appear to be at odds with the notion that abortion is murder because if it were so, you’d want to treat those who illegally obtained one (or, in the anti-abortionists eyes, murdered a child) the same as you’d treat an individual that murdered a 3-year-old child. To quote my favorite pro-choice blog, “If abortion is truly murder then why do none of these people say that (except one person and they needed to practically convince themselves of that after pushing from the interviewer)?

And just as an aside: This group is resorting to the usual deceptive methods of the anti-abortion movement by using photos of still-born babies and late-term abortions (I hope I don’t need to explain to you why using such images is very misleading.)

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