A feminist misunderstanding

I actually started my search on google with the terms “what to tell people when they ask you about feminism.”

I thought I could possibly get a concise, simple answer that I sometimes am too flabbergasted to come up with. When someone asks me about feminism, I try to be understanding. However, I just can’t get into one more conversation involving:

“Do you let men open doors for you?”

Yes. I live in Texas and find it to be a symbol of friendliness and respect, not the swooshing sound of my rights being taken away.

“So, you have a boyfriend…what does he think?”

Sigh. I’m sure if you are reading this, I do not need to explain the answer to this one.

I just wanted some all encompassing sentence that would say “I believe women should be treated equally to men in every aspect of society and culture.” Wait…hey! I think I just found my sentence.

I’m slightly off topic now but wanted to share a blood boiling blog I found 5 search results down: The Feminism Shit Test.

I honestly searched around the blog for a while hoping it was a joke. Alas, I found no such clues. It basically summarizes what men should say to women when they are asked: “What do you think of feminism?”

The answers I found include such gems as:

“feminism is a form of psychological warfar designed to psychologically nueter both sexes – men are emasculated and taught to think and behave like women while women are trained to think and behave like men. The result has been steadily increasing divorce rates combined with steadily decreasing marriage rates, broken and dysfunctional families, single parent ‘households’, single moms and their paint huffing hellion bastard spawn who suffer long-term identity crises leading to dysfunctional individuals with psychological disorders and even homosexuality. Hey…aren’t you going to pay for your drink before you jet outta here like that?”

“the cause of 300,000 abortions by Planned Parenthood in the name of Woman’s Health last year alone.”

“you mean lesbianism?”

“they’re sexy underneath.”

“beautiful on the inside.”

“i wish, but i was born with a penis.”

Isn’t that nice? Every feminist stereotype all wrapped into one nice blog post that anyone can search for on the internet. It just saddens me that some young girl would search what I did–“what to tell people when they ask you about feminism”–and would be hit with this 5 search results down.

If you can handle it, read the entire post and maybe even click on one of his others:

“Sixteen Commandments of Poon”

“Do Fat Girls Get More Sex?”

“Dating Market Value Test For Women”

At least we know that we still have fighting to do.

Disclaimer: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director.

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