The morning-after pill is not an abortion pill

That’s just some outdated medical information that is repeated on practice, but has never been scientifically proven. According to investigation by the New York Times–the morning-after pill doesn’t stop the fertilized egg from implanting but instead slows down ovulation, before the egg is even fertilized.

It turns out that the politically charged debate over morning-after pills and abortion, an increasingly sensitive issue in this election year, is probably rooted in outdated or incorrect scientific guesses about how the pills work. Because they block creation of fertilized eggs, they would not meet abortion opponents’ definition of abortion-inducing drugs. In contrast, RU-486 is an abortion pill because it destroys implanted embryos, terminating pregnancies.

The implantation idea stems from the Food and Drug Administration’s decision during the drug-approval process to mention that possibility on the label — despite lack of scientific proof and objections by the manufacturer of Plan B, the pill on the market the longest. Leading scientists say studies since then provide strong evidence that Plan B does not prevent implantation, and no proof that a newer type of pill, Ella, does. Some abortion opponents said they remain unconvinced.

After The Times asked about this issue, A.D.A.M., the firm that writes medical entries for the National Institutes of Health Web site, deleted passages suggesting emergency contraceptives could disrupt implantation. The New York Times, which uses A.D.A.M.’s content on its health Web page, updated its site. At the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Roger W. Harms, the Web site’s medical editor in chief, said “we are chomping at the bit” to revise the entry if the Food and Drug Administration changes labels or other agencies make official pronouncements.

“These medications are there to prevent or delay ovulation,” said Dr. Petra M. Casey, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Mayo. “They don’t act after fertilization.”

So. There.

Those anti-choice’ers that are completely obsessed with the reproductive process to the point where they measure the exact point at which an egg is fertilized this should be a huge sigh of relief. Since they just want to save babies right?

But, more likely this is not enough evidence to prove that women are murdering whores if they try and prevent an unwanted pregnancy. I mean, how can you believe a liberal propaganda machine like the FDA….oh wait, um….


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