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Latest Live Action video: Black and white and wrong all over

TweetLive Action, the anti-choice group whose activism method of choice is the selectively-edited video of “sting” operations inside Planned Parenthood, has released their latest missive. We reported last month that this was coming down the pipeline, and now, here it is, in all its shaky, hand-held, black-and-white, ominous and glaringly biased glory. Here’s the thing. [...]
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott begins voter disenfranchisement tactics, targeting Latinos

Tweet Many of us know what an exceptionally heinous human being Florida Governor Rick Scott is, and he’s won that title pretty easily over the past few years: vetoing funds for rape centers during Sexual Assault Awareness month, cutting funding to programs for people with disabilities (while conjunctively calling for billions in corporate and property tax [...]
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Must-read long read: Arizona’s pro-life paradox

TweetAt The American Prospect, Judith Lewis Mernit has a long and very important article about the contradiction of restricting access to abortion while cutting funding for special needs children in Arizona. Arizona recently banned abortion after 18 weeks, which means there will be more babies born with chromosomal abnormalities – special needs kids. At the [...]
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Conservative moms outraged – just outraged! – by gay comic book hero

TweetLast week, DC Comics announced that one of their characters is going to be coming out soon. Over at The Advocate, they suspect it’ll be The Green Lantern. Marvel has also announced that Northstar, its first openly gay superhero, is going to marry his boyfriend in an upcoming installment. As you might imagine, the mothers [...]
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We’ll be back on Tuesday

TweetGood morning, loyal readers. We’re taking today off because it’s Memorial Day weekend. We’ll be back on Tuesday. In the meantime, here’s a video of a red panda playing in the snow. This is obviously a very serious and important feminist issue. Have yourselves a great weekend, and if you’re going out in the [...]
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