Shorter Priebus: “If Obama wasn’t so black, the GOP wouldn’t have to be so racist.”

OK, maybe not exactly what Reince Priebus, RNC chairman, said over the weekend on CNN–but he did essentially blame the Obama administration for calling out a Super PAC plan proposing race-baiting. According to Priebus, the Obama team wants to focus on this instead of the real questions about his leadership at hand. Well, if that is the focus of your campaign against Obama–why not admit that a plan that seeks to unearth a buried and inaccurate fallacy about Obama’s black nationalist roots is deeply problematic? Oh, because you are using that strategy, you know–where you say one thing, but do something completely different.

via Think Progress, Priebus on Candy Crowley’s State of the Union,

I know how it works. It’s the Democrats and Barack Obama that want the story out there. He wants the story to play out in the media, because for every day that [Obama adviser] David Axelrod and this President don’t have to talk about their broken promises when it comes to jobs, the debt, and the deficit — the more time they can talk about hypotheticals that may or may not come true — is a day they want to win on. So, look, this president’s got a bigger problem and his problem is no matter what he puts out there, no matter what distractions he puts out there, he can’t change the truth and escape the reality of where we are in this American economy. And it’s no good.

Unfortunately for them, it’s actually a racist trillionaire that is providing the distraction. We’re just pointing out the obvious.

Romney had a similar moment when he invoked the name of Reverend Wright in an attempt to smear Obama. When asked, he claimed he didn’t remember–but he “stands by what I said, whatever it was.”

I didn’t realize when Mitt Romney said that his campaign was like an “etch-a-sketch” he was talking about inside his own head.


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