The NAACP votes in support of same-sex marriage

The NAACP voted to make the wise decision to join the bandwagon and get on the right side of history by publicly endorsing same-sex marriage. Not only is the right decision for them (because it’s just the right thing to do!), in terms of being an organization committed to advancing the rights of disenfranchised people–but it is a counter-point to the myth that “black people are more homophobic.” It is clear that conservatives are the ones that push the idea of same-sex marriage being a wedge issue, more so than it actually being a wedge issue. Nationalistic homophobes are finding fewer and fewer allies out there.

This is also important since so much of the work of the NAACP is organized within the church, making a much more poignant statement about the relationship between religion and acceptance. And that people can hold their own strong, religious beliefs and manage to always be assholes.

Wanda Sykes shares her feelings on this moment.

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I’m so proud of him [Obama]. I knew he would get there. But I believe it’s earnest and I’m just so proud because I flash back to this time four years ago and watching the vice presidential and presidential debates and when the topic of same sex marriage comes up, it was almost like they laughed…I still voted for him because it was what I thought was best for the country and I just hope people who are – have a problem with him coming out for same sex marriage that they will still go with their instinct of what’s good for the country.

I’m so proud of the NAACP! I mean – this is huge! Really is huge because the NAACP, their roots are so instilled in the church. That’s where their meetings and all of that are held, in churches. So to come out and support same sex marriage – I’m so thrilled that they have gotten past the point that it’s not about religion, it’s about rights.

Marriage really doesn’t have anything to do with religion. That’s why atheists get married. It’s about all the rights that comes along with it. So I’m very proud of the NAACP right now and I think I’m going to join! Maybe I’ll up my membership now.

via La Figa at Firedoglake.

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