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The Feministing crew is currently planning our annual retreat for June. It’s incredible how much we can get done when given the opportunity to meet face to face. Work that might take a year to hash out over the interwebs happens almost instantly when we’re in the same space. Since Feministing doesn’t have offices (some day, I hope) and the crew lives in a few different cities, a weekend together working on the blog is vital for moving our work forward.

In order to make that happen–we need your help to fund the 2012 retreat. We keep costs way down by getting meeting space donated and crashing on each other’s couches (we’ll be meeting in New York where more than half the crew lives). Here’s what we need–$2000 for airfare, $1000 for six meals and snacks for everybody, and $100 for meeting supplies.

You can donate to help fund the retreat by clicking here or on the “Support Us” tab on the left side of the page.

This year’s retreat is going to have a big focus on sustainability, crucial for an incredibly under-funded labor of love like Feministing. At past retreats we’ve had training on social justice issues that has improved our blogging, figured out ways of scheduling our time that work best, hatched projects like the Campus blog, and worked on some of the major redesigns of the site that have happened in the past few years. And of course, getting together strengthens our relationships with each other, making us a better group of bloggers and feminists.

Thanks to everyone who donated the last time we asked for money and those of you that continue to support our work. It helps us so much!

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