Breaking ground in the war on uterus: Kansas also changes tax code to exclude abortion

Vanessa mentioned yesterday that Kansas passed a bill that forces doctors to lie to their patients if they think the treatment they might provide would hurt the health of a fetus. This same bill holds another provision yet to be seen in the fight against abortion– it prohibits patients from deducting the cost of abortion or any supplemental insurance that might cover the procedure. 

The Kansas bill, approved on an 88-31 vote, would prohibit taxpayers from deducting money spent on an abortion or for supplemental health insurance to cover the procedure.

It would bar employers from deducting any money they contribute to a health plan for supplemental insurance coverage of an abortion. It also would ban corporations from taking a tax credit for contributions they make to Planned Parenthood, which provides abortion services in Kansas.

The bill also would apply sales taxes to any drugs used to perform or induce an abortion.

via The Kansas City Star

Kansas is truly blazing a trail here–no other state has stooped this low yet (except there is a similar bill in Congress right now). But what they are really breaking ground for is being one of the shittiest places in the country to have a uterus.

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