16 Year Old Jessica Sanchez Body Shamed on American Idol

Last night on American Idol’s results show, in front of millions of viewers, 16 year old Jessica Sanchez was shamed for being too sexy. When Jessica performed on the idol stage the night before, she wore a gorgeous white dress and sky-high heels. She performed Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” and received nothing but praise from the judges. However, when Jimmy Iovine shared his critique of her performance, he lambasted her for dressing too sexy. Iovine insisted that Jessica made viewers uncomfortable with her “burlesque” performance and advised her to dress more conservatively. While JLo was supportive of her, she still dealt a few zingers that surely made her want to run home, put on her sweats and lock the door. Poor Jessica Sanchez had to stand on stage while everyone talked about her body and how inappropriately sexy she looked.

In my opinion, neither Jessica nor her outfit, are to blame here.  The old men who expect Jessica to cover her body because they feel shame over finding her sexy are the real problem. Instead of focusing on the amazing voice that comes out of her tiny frame, the focus had to be on her body and men’s discomfort with it. Well I’ve got a message for Jimmy Iovine and the perverted sexist men he represents. If you’ve got a problem, close your damn eyes or turn the channel. Go watch the 700 Club and stop complaining. It’s not Jessica Sanchez or any woman’s responsibility to make sure you’re not turned on.

Originally posted: rachelpiazza.tumblr.com

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