What we missed

Stephen King says he’ll pay more in taxes and other rich people should too.

Dan Savage learned that fighting facts with fiction, or rather, highlighting Christian hypocrisy, makes you a bully.

In light of VAWA reauthorization–let’s not forget the role the economy has on domestic violence rates.

On the relationship of homophobia and being gay.

Those kids that walked out in protest of their school being shut down in Detroit turned around and started their own school. Because that’s how amazing young people are sometimes.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/raeka/ Raeka

    Are those kids who started their own school taking donations, by any chance?

  • http://feministing.com/members/samll/ Sam Lindsay-Levine

    The link to the previous Feministing story is incorrect: these are not in fact the same students, but a different set of Detroit students who walked out in protest. The previous Feministing story was about the sex-segregated all-male Frederick Douglass Academy; this is about Western High (and the student leader quoted in the Maddow blog is female).

  • zill222

    Um did you read the Stephen King article? In the first two paragraphs is has two fat phobic slurs. I agree that the rich should pay more in taxes but do we need to fat-shame Chris Christie to make that point. Not cool, Feministing, Not Cool.

  • http://feministing.com/members/rhian/ rhian

    I don’t know about that homophobia article. For one thing, their methodology seems to leave their conclusions open to a lot of alternative interpretations. For another, I think that the whole “haha, homophobes are closet gays” argument is itself homophobic.