Post-feminist society? I think not. On LoveRance and “Up!”

This song called “Up!” by LoveRance feat. 50 cent regularly on the radio.

Chorus repeats:

I beat the p*ssy up up up up up up up

Lyrics include these lines:

d*ck your girl down cuz i know she really need it
put it in your gut, tear that p*ssy up
tell me where it hurts spread them legs
And you know i ate the p*ssy cuz she light skin

It is jaw droppingly offensive.

Are we in a post feminist society? I think not, particularly with audio pornography like this on the radio. I’m not going to bother analyzing what is wrong with these amazingly misogynistic lyrics- you all know.

These are not just lyrics on a random rap album- this song is #9 on the Billboard Top 10. This propaganda receives a lot of attention- and not, from what I’ve seen, from a feminist perspective.

Sometimes I think ignoring this type of hateful anti-woman propaganda is best. It can be overwhelming to see how much women are hated and viewed as mere objects to be f’kd.

But then I hear folks claiming that women and men are equal, and that we don’t need feminism (folks in my real life, and of course MRAs).

Of course, we all know that’s BS. But perhaps it’s a good idea to keep track of virulent misogyny (and also, colorism in this example) to whip out when arguing against anti-feminists.

We’ve got work to do.

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  • Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

    As the bumper sticker says “I’ll be post-feminist in a post-patriarchy.”

    But after reading these lyrics it’s clearly not time yet.

  • Jacqueline Hentzen

    Y’know how the last 50 cent song got big? Some kid on youtube who did lipsynch videos. We internet nerds have power, and some of us are using it in awful ways.

    The solution: Get some internet nerds on the side of good. We can promote better, more pro-feminist songs and videos, we can mock and satirize the anti-feminist songs, we can do all we can to just destroy these sonofabitches who don’t think women are human beings.

    …I’ll get right on it.