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What we missed

TweetStephen King says he’ll pay more in taxes and other rich people should too. Dan Savage learned that fighting facts with fiction, or rather, highlighting Christian hypocrisy, makes you a bully. In light of VAWA reauthorization–let’s not forget the role the economy has on domestic violence rates. On the relationship of homophobia and being gay. [...]
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Texas judge allows Planned Parenthood to be part of state Women’s Health Program

TweetGood news from Texas–a judge in Texas has stopped the state from banning Planned Parenthood from participating in the state’s Women’s Health Program. This means Planned Parenthood will continue to receive much needed state funding to provide health care services to low income women in Texas. The bill was pushed by Republican legislators that were responding to constituents that [...]
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Breaking: George Zimmerman has a new social media strategy!

TweetWhen god closes a website, he opens a Facebook page! George Zimmerman’s defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, has established a Facebook and Twitter account for his client after Zimmerman disabled his previous website, which raised $200,000 for him.  Zimmerman just plum forgot to disclose this money when the judge was determining his bond, something his lawyer deemed an “oversight.” You know when you forget [...]
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A New Day in Politics: Complicated conversations about Muslim women’s rights

TweetI have been heartened by the substantive conversation happening in thought leadership publications about the plight of women in predominantly Arab and Muslim nations. Referring to Muslim women as people with desires, agency, needs and destinies is a new direction in how “the West” has ever talked about the real lives of women within these cultural contexts. [...]
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Top 10 Best Political Jokes from the White House Correspondents Dinner

TweetSaturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner was chock-full-o corny jokes and problematic jokes (like “fat” jokes about Chris Christie– as if there aren’t substantive things to make fun of the Governor for). But there were some great moments that were both funny and meaningful from President Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel. Here’s a video compilation [...]
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