What we missed

The mandatory ultrasound law passed in Oklahoma has been ruled unconstitutional. That’s probably because it is!

Relieved to find out broke feminist blogger is not on this list of unhappiest jobs–sad to see which important, often women dominated, professions are on the list.

An op-ed in the SFBG about broadening how we think about anti-violence work.

The only organization that makes me want to eat meat just to protest them.

Amanda on why this heavily forwarded list actually sucks.

Awkward Black Girl on racism on the internet.

Limbaugh doesn’t think our outrage over Trayvon Martin’s death is real. I’ll give him one thing–his commitment to never have advertising dollars does seem more real.

White supremicists are so committed to smearing Trayvon Martin they have hacked his email accounts. Silly racists, nothing you find could ever justify gunning down a child. Maybe learn to read a book or put all those hacker skills to some better use.

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