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Happy Pi Day!

Not-So-Happy End of Texas Women’s Health Program Day.

Kind of in love with boxer Sergio Martinez, anti-bullying and domestic violence advocate.

Especially compared to Greg Gutfeld, who is a complete asshat.

Former Rick Perry’s Iowa Campaign Chair, Republican and evangelical christian Kathy Potts, has come out in full support for marriage equality, encouraging her party to follow suit.

Tracy Clark-Flory on the (straight) male sex toy revolution.

Another not-so-shocking poll shows that more than three-quarters of Americans think birth control shouldn’t be part of the political debate.

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  • makomk

    Despite what the Salon piece says it’s not just a straight male sex toy revolution at all; I’m pretty sure Fleshlights sold well to the gay male market even before they officially started marketing to them, though for some reason they use a seperate brand name when marketing their toys to gay guys. Presumably they’re worried about straight guys finding out about this? (Also, there’s stuff like the Cobra Libre which seems to be hot these days and is just marketed to “men” in general.)