That awkward moment when anti-abortionists compare abortion to slavery….

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Because you know, buying and selling real living breathing humans that walk this earth, like chattel is the same as aborting a fetus.

And because saying that any and all fetuses are not people is the same as saying that an adult Black man or woman is not a person.

Or stealing millions of people from their homeland and separating them from their families is the same as allowing a woman to choose when to start a family or when not to.

And because forbidding people, based on the color of their skin, to acquire any sort of education in order to keep them subjugated and under the thumb is the same as family planning and abortion.

Because you know, White slave owners raping their Black slaves without any repercussions is the same as aborting an ectopic pregnancy.

And anti-miscegenation laws further insisting that slaves weren’t people is the same as allowing women to choose when or when not to have a baby.

Or a systemized hatred of a population based solely on the color of their skin is similar to a woman’s sexuality.

Because you know, the brutal lynching of Blacks is the same as aborting in order to save the life of the woman.

Or forcing people who were considered slaves to convert to Christianityand attempting to eradicate every aspect to their culture is the same as abortion.

Because for a long time, Christianity in the United States supported and promoted slavery makes it the same as abortion.

And most importantly, because the millions of people enslaved at this very moment, of which an approximate 10,000 are in the United States(though it is in no way similar to chattel slavery of the past) would consider their plight to be similar to that of an aborted fetus.

Sorry to disappoint you but no. Abortion and slavery (ancient, chattel, and modern) are not the same and you insisting that it is demonstrates your inherent lack of understanding of abortion and/or slavery.

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