Arizona GOP debate audience boos birth control

The Republican debate booers are back! Earlier in this primary cycle, Republican debate audiences booed a gay soldier, former presidential hopeful Governor Rick Perry bragging about a high number of executions under his leadership in Texas, and cheered the idea of letting an uninsured man who couldn’t afford necessary medical treatment die. Last night, the audience that has shaped the primary season more than any of the candidates returned to boo the very idea of birth control.

CNN Debate moderator John King posed this question sent by one of the viewers to the candidates, “Since birth control is the latest hot topic, which candidate believes in birth control and if not why?”

*Loud Boos”

Via ThinkProgress:

Not boos for the contraception accommodation in the Affordable Care Act but the idea of birth control. I’m not sure why it’s so shocking and objectionable that one of the goals of the Affordable Care Act is to make women’s health care, ya know… more affordable.

How could anyone boo believing in birth control? 99% of women as well as 99% of Catholic women use birth control. This should not be a controversial topic.

At least it seems as though this 20th (!) debate may be the last in a long line of brain cell destroying television.

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