“Hands Off My Birth Control”: Join the #BC4US Campaign

This Valentine’s Day, students on campuses across the country are engaging their Senators and Speaker John Boehner via “Birth Control 4 Us,” a new grassroots campaign launched to protect young women’s access to birth control.

The Obama Administration’s decision this January not to expand religious exemptions to no-copay birth control was a step in the right direction in providing women basic health care. No woman should be denied their right to medical services because she can’t afford the high deductibles, or because her insurance plan doesn’t include contraceptive services.

You might have heard about the “controversy” on this issue (stirred by a small number of conservative Catholic bishops), but here’s the important fact: the Catholic Health Association — a network of more than 1,2000 Catholic health care systems and providers — has come out in support of President Obama’s decision. Now, it’s Republicans in Congress and their fringe allies that stand in the way of birth control access.

Join us this week for the “Birth Control 4 Us” campaign. This is one of many actions that thousands of students — on campuses across the nation — are taking in support of no-cost birth control.

Join Medical Students for Choice, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Advocates for Youth, Feminist Majority Foundation, Choice USA, NARAL, Strong Families, Nursing Students for Choice, Women’s Media Center, Campus Progress, Young Invincibles, and students on hundreds of campuses in sending protest Valentines to Congress.

Here’s how you can get involved:

TAKE ACTION: “Twitter Storm” Congress with #BC4US valentines.

- Step 2: Take a picture of yourself holding your valentine
- Step 3: Post them on our Facebook Page or email them to bc4us2012@gmail.com
- Step 4: Tweet these pictures to “.@SpeakerBoehner” and your Senators and make sure to include the hashtag #bc4us. To find your Senator on Twitter, click here.

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