What we missed

Occupy Oakland is “still on fire.” Read what activists have to say in their own words.

Pro-choice GOP’ers are asking their party to back down from the contraception debate. It will be a disaster. They are correct.

Gloria Steinem and Lauren Wolfe ask if we can end rape as a weapon of war.

Miriam on reclaiming our radical values.

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  • makomk

    If you read that piece carefully, Gloria Steinem and Lauren Wolfe aren’t actually asking if we can end rape as a weapon of war. They’re asking if we can end the rape of women as a weapon of war. This is a rather important distinction to make, because opinion pieces like the one you linked are the reason why none of the rape victims in that Guardian piece could get help. It’s why none of the UN organisations or aid agencies so much as mention they exist let alone actually helping them.