What is Mitt Romney thinking?

Mr. 1% is flying high after his big win in the Florida Republican primary and with some down time in the month of February, Romney insists on keeping things interesting with gaffes about not caring about the “very poor” and questionable endorsements.

Today, it was announced that none other than Donald Trump will formally endorse Romney in Las Vegas just 2 days before the Nevada caucus. In a peculiar decision by the Romney camp, the willingness to accept the endorsement by the world’s richest “birther” and appear in public seem even more out of touch than Romney normally does. Trump does a fake reality show where he revels in firing people, and Romney just went through a “gaffe” (although somewhat out of context) where he declared, “I like firing people!

It seems that Mr. 1% needs to be pulled to the side and told that this association with firing in an economy where a man who looked a lot like Romney fired real people in real life is a bad thing. Romney is like that pompous boss you hate. His dismissal of the poor, of those who are struggling is now part of his narrative. It’s unclear how smiling for the camera with Donald Trump does anything but solidify the idea that Romney is out of touch with the majority of Americans and will pander when it seems to benefit him politically.

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