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What We Missed

Tweet“And they got their periods simultaneously!” Or, a conversation with the women of “Community.” Marie Colvin and the risks of reporting from a warzone while female. Are you a man who believes that women should have the right to control their own bodies? Have you sent your story to Men Who Trust Women yet? Why [...]
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Pondering recent chats about access to birth control….

TweetShall we? Yesterday I traveled to Jefferson City, Missouri to lobby some state legislators who recently voted on a resolution to deny women access to birth control without co-payments . I was appalled by this vote…not just because I know how important access to birth control is for my fellow Missourians, but also because these legislators [...]
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Guest post: Why you should save your nickels for this year’s Women in Comedy Festival

TweetLane Moore is a comedian and writer for The Onion, Jezebel, and Ms. Magazine. You can and should follow her on Twitter at @hellolanemoore. You know how people are always talking about women in comedy? Like, all the time. Like, CONSTANTLY. Like, they weren’t really doing it before so now gender is something we have [...]
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Senate to vote tomorrow on whether your boss can dictate your health care coverage

TweetTomorrow, the Senate is expected to vote on the Blunt amendment, which, as we’ve reported, would “allow any employer to exclude any health service coverage by claiming that it violates their religious or moral convictions.” Birth control? HIV treatment? Maternity care? Whateves. Republican supporters are saying it isn’t that big a deal–that it’s just the [...]
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Adios Feministing

TweetIt was almost exactly five years ago that I wrote my first guest post for Feministing. About a year later, Jessica and the crew asked me to join as an Editor, and it’s been an absolutely amazing ride ever since. I can’t really put into words my gratitude for what this community has brought me. [...]
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