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In case you missed it: Viola Davis’s SAG Awards speech

TweetWhen “The Help” hit theaters last year, there was an enormous amount of discussion about it in the feminist and progressive blogosphere. It was harshly criticized for its ahistorical depiction of the Jim Crow South, and for its implication that racism is a thing of the past (and that it is over largely thanks to [...]
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This Anna Howard Shaw Day, give the gift of Feministing!

TweetAnna Howard Shaw Day, known to some as “Valentine’s Day,” is coming exactly two weeks away. I know that most of you won’t be celebrating the way Hallmark, Godiva, Zales and Victoria’s Secret want you to, by spending money traditional and tangible symbols of love. Some of you won’t be buying anything at all, because [...]
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What We Missed

Tweet Samhita and I went to a panel on Friday for Planned Parenthood’s new 2012 elections campaign (which I’m doing some work with them on) where amazing pro-choice celebs Julianne Moore, Gabrielle Union, America Ferrera and Maggie Gyllenhaal told us why they support Planned Parenthood. And naturally, they were all very swoon-worthy. In case you [...]
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Florida bill would give citizenship to undocumented youth – so long as they enter the military

Tweet “If somebody is willing to die for America, then certainly they deserve a chance at life in America.” No joke, this is what Rep. David Rivera (R-Miami) said when he proposed a bill last week that takes the “DREAM” out of the DREAM Act and replace it as the ARMS (Adjusted Residency for Military [...]
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Today Yesterday in Feminist History: The Lilly Ledbetter Act

Tweet Three years ago yesterday, President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act — the first legislation he signed as president (which you have to admit is kinda awesome). What really inspired me about this legislation and Ledbetter’s fight was that it reminds us of the importance of storytelling and putting real stories [...]
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