What We Missed

Samhita and I went to a panel on Friday for Planned Parenthood’s new 2012 elections campaign (which I’m doing some work with them on) where amazing pro-choice celebs Julianne Moore, Gabrielle Union, America Ferrera and Maggie Gyllenhaal told us why they support Planned Parenthood. And naturally, they were all very swoon-worthy.

In case you didn’t catch the debate last week, Gingrich and Romney both supported getting rid of bilingual ballots.

An anonymous former associate of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul told WaPo that — surprise, surprise — Paul did indeed sign off on the ridiculously bigoted newsletters back in the day, to build the business further through controversy.

Maya at MoJo blog informs us that Randall Terry might not get his Super Bowl fetus commercials after all. Fingers crossed.

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