Florida bill would give citizenship to undocumented youth – so long as they enter the military

“If somebody is willing to die for America, then certainly they deserve a chance at life in America.”

No joke, this is what Rep. David Rivera (R-Miami) said when he proposed a bill last week that takes the “DREAM” out of the DREAM Act and replace it as the ARMS (Adjusted Residency for Military Service) Act. The bill would essentially grant legal status to undocumented youth, though not for pursuing their dreams through higher education, but solely under the condition that they enter the military. What’s worse is where Rivera got the idea to push the bill — from the GOP candidates:

“With the presidential debate…and with Romney’s support, that means the two front-running candidates are supportive of it and that could help these kids,” Rivera said. “Then Republicans in Congress (might) say: ‘If our two presidential front-runners are fine with it, most Americans would be fine with it.’”

Romney had previously said he’d veto the DREAM Act, but has recently endorsed the portion of the legislation that gives young people a path to citizenship in return for military service. His endorsement of the concept came even as he and Gingrich are both fighting for the votes of Hispanic Republicans in Tuesday’s presidential primary.

“I would not sign the Dream Act as it currently exists,” Romney said during the debate. “But I would sign the Dream Act if it were focused on military service.”

“Help these kids” my fucking ass. Let’s be real here: Imposing mandatory military service for citizenship on undocumented youth would not only be completely archaic, but straight-up oppressive and only further marginalize an already stigmatized community. And to boot, basing the bill on the argument that undocumented youth should have to risk their lives for a pass to legal status is just about as heinous as it gets.

There’s no question that Rivera should be completely ashamed of himself for introducing this bill, including anyone who would support it. Call his office and tell them so: (305) 222-0160.

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