Petition Against Claire’s Accessories

This is a petition I started against Claire’s Accessories, a chain store in the US. They do piercings there.
Now piercing guns are filthy pieces of machinery that cannot be properly sanitized. They cannot be taken apart for proper cleaning, and wiping them with alcohol does not kill blood pathogens. They pierce with the jewelry itself with blunt force. Since the jewelry is solid, it “rips” the skin essentially and slams the backing on in a manner that creates a greater amount of bacteria, increasing the chance for infections.

That aside, they pierce babies. I mean, infant babies. The age of which can’t walk or talk yet. This makes me shake with fury. Babies can’t consent to this. They don’t know what’s happening, they didn’t agree to it, they just know it really hurts. To me, this is abuse. There is no absolute necessity to inflict this kind of thing on a baby.

This evening, my fiance and I passed by one of the stores owned by the same company as Claire’s, and heard an earsplitting screaming noise coming from inside. There were two parents having their infant pierced and it was screaming so much it’s face was turning red. The father was just standing there with a smile on his face. It infuriated me.

This petition is to make Claire’s change their policy and stop piercing infants. If you disagree, don’t sign it. Plain and simple. But if you agree, I would appreciate it if you sign.

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