No Longer Invisible brings the experiences of abuse survivors to light

I know first-hand how extremely difficult it is for survivors to literally open their mouths and speak those dreadful, shocking words: “I was sexually abused.” But I believe that childhood sexual abuse continues to be perpetrated upon young victims because it is an “invisible” offense.I have come to the conclusion that the only way to eradicate this horrific epidemic is for survivors to courageously “reveal” themselves – connecting human flesh with the astounding statistics. We must be visible.

Stand with me and become No Longer Invisible …….. because I’m not the only one.

There are many initiatives floating to the surface these days around support survivors of sexual abuse. The Penn State scandal helped in raising awareness, and these projects which have been in the works bob up to receive additional attention.

I posted about a film that elevates the experiences of sexual abuse survivors and linked to their kickstarter to fund the production of their documentary. They met their goal recently! Thanks to everyone who supported it.

Silence keeps abuse going. Silence keeps survivors believing they are the only ones.

NLI is another project, started by a survivor who was inspired, decades after being abused, to stand up and speak about what happened to her. Check out their work here.

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