Letterman comedy booker who thinks women aren’t funny removed

Last week we ran a guest post by Molly Knefel responding to the latest episode of sexism toward female comics. Eddie Brill, a major comedian gatekeeper in his role as a booker with the Letterman Show had, once again, reiterated the idea that women comics aren’t funny.

Molly’s take down of this tired idea is quite sufficient, and apparently Letterman heard the responses–Brill was removed from his position as booker for the show yesterday, according to Jezebel.

CBS’ official line is that he was removed for talking to the media without permission, but I’m sure the backlash to his sexist comments had something to do with it.

Brill will still keep his role as warm-up comedian for the show, but won’t be in charge of booking comedians. According to the NY Times, under the new system for booking comedians:

…A “Late Show” staffer will scout comedians at clubs and other performance spaces and invite them to perform in showcases for a group of senior producers. These producers will then decide which comedians to book on future broadcasts.

It’s satisfying to know at least one sexist is gone from the role of comedy gatekeeper.

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