Pilot for new Black drug wives reality show in production

Deep sigh. I’ve written before about my disdain for reality television. Particularly offensive is reality television that portrays grown women as if they are petty, violent, and gossipy high school girls. Basketball Wives on VH1 is damaging to the psyche of young women in that it promotes wealth over values and the superficial over substance.

But worse than Basketball Wives is the rumor that a new show called “Black Drug Wives” of “BMF Wives” is coming to BET. Likely related to the success of “Mob Wives” on VH1, BMF Wives stands for “Black Mafia Family.” “Black Mafia Family” is made up of Gricelda Chavez, Lisa Buford, Tiffany Gloster, and Tonesa Welch.

These wives and girlfriends of Detroit drug kingpins Terry and Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory and their associates, are rumored to have begun filming a reality show pilot with a company that has placed shows with channels like BET. In 2005, BMF was raided by the FBI and their estimated $270 million dollar drug empire met a bitter fate with dozens arrested and sentenced to serious jail time.

Hopefully, the show (if it ever gets on the air) will not be popular. But who am I kidding. If there’s drama and cat fights it will be successful. Unfortunately, shows like this will continue to be made if the public keeps watching. I know so many smart women who sit mindlessly and watch this crap television and then in the next breath complain about the media promoting negative images of women. It’s certainly not positive to show the wives and girlfriends of criminals as if it’s an admired career path full of fancy cars and nice handbags. Don’t feed the beast.

I’m trying very hard to find my peaceful place full of tranquility in 2012 and included in that effort is trying my very best to ignore bullshit. But when I saw this headline I couldn’t help but want to scream. As if we need yet another show that focuses on “wives” feeding into negative stereotypes and misconceptions.

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