In Texas: Are homosexuals a minority?

In response to: “A topic came up the other day and I would like your perspective: Can homosexuals be considered a minority?”

Absolutely! As a result of that minority status they are routinely rejected and persecuted because they do not fit into conventional societal norms. Heterosexuals are human beings; homosexuals are human beings, and under the US Constitution all human beings are entitled to the same human rights and basic freedoms. We are in year 2012 and our society is supposedly developed and civilized; the fact that gay marriage is still an issue being debated over is a complete and total travesty. Quite frankly, we should be ashamed of ourselves (and by we, I mean fundamental conservative dominionist). Trying to decide if gays should marry is like trying to decided if blacks should marry, or if non-christians should marry. This sounds totally ridiculous…because it is, and so is the gay marriage debate. The message that this sends is, if you do not fall in line with “true American” traditional standards (i.e white, male, christian) you will not be able to enjoy the rights that you are born with. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (examples: love and marriage) are not a privileged you will be able to take advantage of. Additionally, Senator Al Franken is introducing the Student Non-Discrimination Act. This will make it better for LGBT kids by banning discrimination and harassment in public schools based on sexual orientation and gender identity. You should contact your congressman and ask s/he to co-sponsor the Act. You can call the Capitol Switchboard (202-224-3121) to be connected to your Senator. Ok, I’m done with my rant…check this video out!

2 Boys, No marriage…

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