New Yorkers: Boogie down with us at WAM!Prom 2 next weekend!

Several years ago when Feministing was just a toddler, Samhita, Jessica and myself went to the Women, Action and the Media conference in Cambridge, MA for the weekend — I think it was the first time I met so many people working in social justice and media in one place, and it was a completely exhilarating experience. The conference then, and this organization today, brings to light seriously important discussions around gender justice in media.

Oh, and then there’s the feminist dance parties. That weekend was also the first time I met many of my dear friends in the blogosphere today, where we busted moves all night and celebrated the incredibly hard and often-emotionally difficult work that we do every day. In short, we all deserve a feminist dance party once in a while.

And that is why I am unbelievably pumped for next Friday’s fundraiser, WAM!Prom 2: Electric Bugaloo, where tons of old and new friends in the social justice and media world will be getting together to support WAM! and shake our booties. The press release calls the themed event, “a costumed mash-up extravaganza of glittering disco decadence and hip-hop hype, DJ’ed by Pandagon’s Amanda Marcotte, featuring new disco-hip-hop mashups by DJ @MarcFaletti.” Here’s a sneak peak video by Marc:

And there will be so much more than dancing; a costume contest (which our very own Samhita is judging, by the way), raffle prizes from Babeland and a friggin’ disco roller derby photo booth. No joke. Check out the Facebook event for details and to RSVP.

“Feminist organizing is resurgent on Facebook, Twitter and blogs,” says video remix artist Elisa Kreisinger, creator of the Queer Carrie Project. “But there’s nothing like WAM!Prom, where we see feminist friends in real life and dance our asses off in real time.”

Hell yes. Hope to see yous there!

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