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GLAAD and HRC take out full page ad condemning new ABC “comedy” Work It

TweetABC is set to premiere a not at all funny sitcom called Work It about two men who dress as women to get jobs. If you are not sure how this has any comedic value and think it only serves to hurt the trans community then you are not alone. Ridiculing people for who they [...]
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Binge drinking, straw man arguments and rape prevention

TweetIn 2007, I went out to a party with my friends. It wasn’t a night where I was drinking more than usual but I had a few cocktails. It was a work night so by the end I was mostly tired more than drunk and just ready to go home. When I got home, however, [...]
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Why do the media and her supposed supporters continue to misgender Breanna Manning?

TweetRumors have been floating around since early in the two year imprisonment of WikiLeaks whistle blower Private Manning that she is in fact a transgender woman. Yet her supporters continued to ignore the mounting evidence, using male pronouns and a name that, quotes attributed to Manning suggested, she did not identify with. Over the course [...]
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What We Missed

Tweet A man with a boot on his head glitterbombs Randall Terry. You’re welcome. Hugo Schwyzer on “gaslighting,” the myth of male-bashing and why he resigned from The Good Man Project last night. Good on him. Meet the hipster duo who are trying to make social conservatism cool — including “wifely submission.” Fucking scary. Irin [...]
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Wednesday Weigh-In: Pubic Hair Edition

TweetAccording to the Atlantic, it’s time for another trend piece about pubic hair grooming habits. There’s some interesting history there, although its conclusion–that some young women, especially white college students, are waxing it all off these days–is probably pretty obvious to most real young people. It should also be noted that the answer to that [...]
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