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The Feministing crew will be taking off from regular blogging on Fridays in December so a few of us can take much-needed vacations. Instead, we’ll be publishing the Feministing Five on Fridays instead of Saturdays, so check back tomorrow for Anna’s next interview!

My thoughts are with everyone at Virginia Tech, which is on lock down after two people were shot on campus.

Our girl Chloe is quoted in this article about H&M’s online models, which are constructed in the computer using mannequin bodies, real model’s heads, and tons of airbrushing.

An important perspective: Why I am not protesting at Occupy. (I have my own reasons for supporting but not protesting: I don’t want to be arrested as a trans woman. Which sucks, because I would be down otherwise.)

Rick Santorum being an ass to people in poverty and fat people all at the same time: we don’t need food stamps in the US because we have high obesity rates.

Political cynicism leads the president to model irresponsible parenting: Obama doesn’t want his daughters to be able to access emergency contraception.

My brainy law professor friend Dr. Jill Weiss on the importance of a recent trans employee rights win.

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