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An open letter to Pixar.

HIV drugs were tested on foster children around the US. Abhorrent.

A tumblr dedicated to the awesomeness that was Claire Huxtable.

After serious pushback from immigration advocates, the American Heritage Dictionary amended its definition of the term ‘anchor baby’ to show that it is a derrogatory and offensive term.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/billywilliams/ billy williams

    Testing drug on them!-That’s child abuse!-How could anyone do that?-Hope they get sued to the fourth of july!

  • http://feministing.com/members/sapadu/ Jacqueline Hentzen

    With regard to the letter to Pixar, I thought a bit about points A & B and honestly thought the jokes made in the scenes referenced were more poking fun at the stereotypes and cliches that exist as opposed to adhering to them (Let’s not forget the other toys that mocked the Ken doll for ‘being a girl’s toy’ turned out to be the villains) I haven’t seen the other movies, so I couldn’t make a call on those points, but my personal opinion was it was Pixar satirizing the gender roles. Maybe, maybe not. Just my two cents.