Awful story from Afghanistan

*trigger warning for a story about rape and a tragic legal aftermath*

Has anyone else seen this horror story on the Huffington Post about a woman who was imprisoned in Afghanistan after being raped?

She has been in the news a few times now. The woman in the story was raped, then convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison for “having sex outside of marriage.” Recently, she accepted a pardon from the prison sentence she was serving, but as part of the pardon deal she has to marry the man who raped her. She had refused this deal several times in the past, but is now raising a child in prison and said in an interview last month with the AP that she was losing hope and considering marrying the man who attacked her as a way out.

Everything about this story is absolutely awful. It made me feel sick to my stomach. This one doesn’t need any commentary. It’s just horrible.

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