What we missed

More on what Siri will direct you to other than an abortion.

A few weeks old, but a great open letter to Tyler Perry.

Check out last week’s episode of Opinionated on Citizen Radio with myself and Amanda Marcotte. Last week we had on special guest Amanda Hess and we talked feminism and porn.

How the black middle/working class is being hit the hardest by government job lay-offs.

An interesting take on “All American Muslim”–a new reality show on TLC about a “normal” Muslim family. We talk about this on tomorrow’s Opinionated podcast as well, so tune in.

A really gracious review of my book on Racialicious from Andrea Plaid.

And finally, I’m going to India for a month (or maybe two). If you live in Mumbai, I’ll be reading there. Otherwise, you won’t be hearing much from me until the new year.

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