Miley Cyrus supports Occupy Wall Street with new music video

Cue the inevitable eye-rolling. But I like this video.

While Alyssa Rosenberg thinks it needs more context to take it “beyond generic teenaged stick-it-to-the-manism in a way that would be useful and specific,” I disagree. For many of Miley Cyrus’s devoted teen and pre-teen fans, seeing footage of police brutality at peaceful protests and hearing their pop idol voice support for the cause may get them googling and reading up on economic inequality.

After all, it’s not Cyrus’s role to educate her audience about student loans and interest rates. But reminding kids that it’s cool to be political–that being part of a mass movement can be as inspiring as a good pop song? If she can help do that, I’m totally down.

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  1. Posted November 29, 2011 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    First Miley comes in support of LGBT love, then dresses in drag as Justin Bieber looking totally butch and nailing it on SNL, she does the tear-jerker “The Last Song”, and now this video?
    Miley, you’re doing good, even if it’s not considered “activist” enough, you’ll educate your fans and they could look into the movement.

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