Transgender Day of Remembrance

Yesterday, November 20th, marked the 13th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to commemorate individuals in the transgender community who were killed due to anti-trans violence and hatred. Below is a short round-up of coverage from the day:

Melissa at Shakes names those lost this past year, and highlights an important point by Julia Serano — that it’s action, but also inaction that allows transphobia to kill.

Natacha Kennedy tells us why focusing on the horror of anti-trans violence is so important, despite how difficult it may be.

PFLAG focuses on the experiences of transgender people of color.

SheWired reminds that violence against the LGBT community is rising.

LGBTQ Nation offers a little more hope with recent findings that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe transgender people should have the same rights and protections as the cisgender population.

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